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Add Color To Your Winter Landscape With These Five Plants

Did you know that most of the flowers that are sold for Valentine’s Day are not in season locally? Roses or tulips are not blooming in the middle of February here in Georgia. These flowers were grown to bloom in a controlled greenhouse environment somewhere. With that being said, what about your winter landscaping. Midwinter is an excellent time to add new shrubs and color to your winter landscape. In fact, there are several plant options that bloom in February throughout Georgia. Here, POPS Landscaping lists six winter flowers and plants that will keep your garden and landscaping looking beautiful all year long.

5 Colorful Winter Plant Ideas


Pansies are typically low-growing plants ranging from six to ten inches tall. These five-petaled flowers are top sellers every year. Pansies bloom all year long and come in a huge variety of colors. The large-flowered, faced varieties can stand out and are always an eye-catcher for most. Pansies are typically planted in late winter so that they are ready for early-spring flowering. Check your local nurseries for winter landscape availability.


Violas are tolerant of cold, winter weather, maybe even more so than pansies. They thrive well in landscape beds as well as planters. They grow right through Thanksgiving and will still be shining in the garden at Easter. Violas are another great plant to add to your landscape. They come in all of the colors that the Pansy does, but there are also variations such as yellow with a violet wing. Violas have a small bloom but are still very visible. They will bloom all winter season and are readily available in Atlanta.

Cabbage And Kale

Kale and cabbage add color when added to your garden. These plants are vibrant and come in an array of colors. You will find them in shades of purple, pink, red or white. They can tolerate the cold and can survive winter temperatures as low as five degrees. Ornamental cabbage and kale are used as seasonal color accents within the pansy and viola beds. They are a great way to add color to your winter landscape. They also get more compact as the weather gets colder. Cabbage tends to look heavier and more flowery and kale has a more ruffled look to the foliage.


These bulbs will grow and flower between February and late March, depending on the winter weather. They provide lovely color for early spring, and will bloom every year. A bulb looks like a giant seed. They are planted six to eight inches deep in a group throughout the back quarter of the flower bed. Daffodils are a common bulb used in Atlanta. Ranging from yellow, orange, and white, Daffodils have a three-week blooming period and are the perfect way to add some color. Additionally, when they are planted in large swaths they appear to have a much longer lifespan since some start later or earlier than others in the flower beds.


Tulips are by far the most popular flower in many southern states. They provide a gorgeous bloom and lots of color. In most cases, they tower above the rest of the flowers for a gorgeous visual. Tulips come in almost all colors and they start in a teardrop bloom that falls open as they mature. Gardeners normally plant tulips in the fall, when the soil is cool but not frozen, so the bulbs can begin growing roots before going into their winter dormancy. Check out your local nurseries for tulip bulbs to plant.

Looking To Add Color To Your Winter Landscape?

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