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Five Tips To Prepare Your Landscaping For Winter

Winter is a wonderful time of the year filled with family, presents and Christmas cheer. With that being said, winter weather can wreak havoc on your landscaping.  Protect your yard and keep your landscaping up to perfect condition by following these simple steps. Here are tips to ensure that your property is prepared for the colder weather and able to thrive throughout the entire cold season. Here P.O.P.S. Landscaping discusses five easy steps to take to prepare your landscaping for winter.

Follow this winter landscaping tips

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Rake The Yard

It is important to consistently remove leaves and debris on your property all the way up to the start of winter. If leaves and debris are left on your property, the grass under them is not able to receive the proper sunlight it needs to remain healthy. Simply rake your yard or use a leaf blower if you have one. This is a simple and easy way to keep your yard looking healthy and maintained throughout the winter.


Aerate your yard to allow water, oxygen, and fertilizer easier access to roots deep within the ground. You can do this on your own or through a professional landscaping company like P.O.P.S. Early to late fall is the perfect time to aerate your lawn because it allows the grass seed to germinate and establish a strong root system before cold temperatures set in. Without aeration, nutrients from the air, water and fertilizer may not reach the soil, which can cause imperfections in your lawn.

Fertilize Your Yard

Fertilization is a key component to prepare your lawn for the winter season. A mid to late-fall fertilization means your turf will be rich of nutrients going into the cold winter season. By fertilizing your yard, the root growth will help your grass not only survive the colder winter months but also be ready for the Spring season as well.  

Mulch Or Pinestraw

You can protect your trees, shrubs, and plants from the harsh winter conditions by adding a layer of mulch or pine straw to your landscape. Mulch can act as a barrier and works to keep the temperature of your beds even throughout the winter. By adding mulch you are actively protecting your plants’ roots from snow, frost and in turn helping them retain moisture.

Winterize Your Irrigation System

This is one tip many homeowners overlook every year. As winter comes, some of your irrigation pipes may freeze. This can result in a cracked system and be very costly to repair. Take the time to have your irrigation system properly winterized in the fall. This will save you from costly repairs come springtime. A trained service professional at P.O.P.S. will ensure to prepare your system for the colder temps.

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