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Five Fall Trees To Consider For Georgia Landscapes

As summer starts to come to an end and temperatures begin to drop, Georgia landscapes treat us to breathtaking views. The vibrant transformation of foliage as trees and plants prepare for fall and winter. Georgia, with its diverse climate, offers a unique canvas for beautiful landscaping. Whether you’re a knowledgeable landscaper or simply appreciate the beauty of nature, adding fall foliage and trees to your Georgia landscape is a fantastic way to embrace the season change. Here, P.O.P.S. Landscaping explores five fall foliage trees that thrive in the Georgia landscapes.

Fall Trees To Consider Planting This Year

Maple Trees

When it comes to stunning fall foliage, maple trees are one of the top choices in their performance. Georgia is home to several native and ornamental maple species, including the sugar maple, red maple, and Japanese maple.

Sugar maples are renowned for their vibrant orange and red leaves that create a gorgeous spectacle across Georgia landscapes. Red maples, on the other hand, provide a stunning array of reds, oranges, and yellows. Japanese maples offer a more delicate touch with their intricate, deeply lobed leaves in shades of red, burgundy, and gold.

To ensure your maple trees deliver a dazzling fall display, provide them with well-drained soil and ample sunlight. Regular watering and proper pruning will help maintain their health and beauty throughout the year.

Sweetgum Trees

Sweetgum trees are native to the southeastern region of the United States. This makes them a perfect addition to any Georgia landscape. These trees boast a unique star-shaped leaf that turns vibrant shades of red, orange, and purple during the fall.

What sets sweetgum trees apart is their distinctive spiky seed pods, often referred to as “gumballs”. While these may be a nuisance when it comes to lawn maintenance, they add an interesting texture and seasonal appeal to your home and landscape. Sweetgum trees are relatively low-maintenance, making them an excellent choice for a homeowner looking for a splash of autumn color.

Dogwood Trees

Next, a major staple in Georgia landscapes during the fall season is dogwood trees. These beautiful trees usually steal the show with their stunning foliage. Dogwood trees are cherished for their four-petaled, white, or pink flowers in spring and their deep red to purple leaves in the fall.

Dogwood trees prefer partial shade and well-draining soil. They are also relatively small, making them a perfect choice for smaller landscapes or as understory trees beneath taller ones. The contrast between the dark leaves and the bright red or orange berries that decorate the branches adds an extra layer of visual interest in the autumn months.

Tupelo Trees

Tupelo trees, also known as black gum or sour gum trees, are a native species of tree that can be found throughout the state of Georgia. These trees are known for their striking foliage that turns brilliant shades of red, orange, and purple in the fall.

Tupelo trees are adaptable and can thrive in various soil types, including wet areas, making them an excellent choice for Georgia landscapes with diverse conditions. Their compact size and pyramid-shaped canopy make them suitable for both residential and commercial properties. In addition to their stunning fall foliage, tupelo trees produce small, bluish-black fruits that are a valuable food source for wildlife.

Crepe Myrtles

Crepe myrtles are a favorite for many homeowners in Georgia landscapes. They don’t disappoint when it comes to fall color. While they are renowned for their abundant summer blooms in various shades, including pink, red, and lavender, crepe myrtles offer a great burst of beauty in the fall as well.

As temperatures cool down, crepe myrtles transition from their vibrant summer flowers to showcasing rich, red and orange leaves. These small trees or large shrubs are hardy and drought-tolerant once established, making them a popular choice for Georgia gardens. With regular pruning in late winter or early spring, you can control their size and shape while ensuring an abundance of colorful foliage come the fall season.

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As the fall season starts to roll into Georgia, it brings with it a breathtaking display of colors that rival any other season. By incorporating these five fall trees into your landscape, you can ensure that your outdoor space is filled with the vibrant hues of red, orange, and yellow that define this time of year.

Whether you opt for the fiery brilliance of maple trees, the star-shaped leaves of sweetgum trees, the classic elegance of dogwood trees, the adaptability of tupelo trees, or the enduring beauty of crepe myrtles, your landscaping will become everything you’ve dreamed of. If you need help with your landscaping dreams and don’t want to do it yourself, give us a call. Our skilled professionals are equipped with years of experience to meet all of your landscaping and lawn care needs. POPS Landscaping offers a full range of landscape design and installation services, tailored to meet your residential or commercial needs. We can handle any of your outdoor projects, from beginning to end.