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Maximize Your Landscaping With An Irrigation System

From backyard cookouts to holiday celebrations, summer offers endless opportunities to enjoy outdoor spaces. That being said, outdoor landscapes are more enjoyable when they are well-maintained and beautiful. An easy way to ensure that your lawn stays healthy and manicured year-round is by installing an irrigation system. The blazing Georgia summers can be especially drying for your lawns, so it’s a great time to install an irrigation system. Sprinkler systems are also the most convenient way to make sure your Georgia landscaping receives the water that it needs. It also protects your plants from being overwatered. A well-maintained, efficient sprinkler system actually helps conserve water by preventing over-watering in certain areas.

Top Reasons To Invest In A Irrigation System

Irrigation Systems Are More Convenient

Sprinkler systems eliminate a great deal of stress for the homeowner by alleviating the task of watering their plants and lawn. This allows them to spend more time enjoying their landscape rather than maintaining it. In the absence of an irrigation system, homeowners may have to hand-water their entire lawn. Additionally, relying on your own judgment to determine how much water to administer can be ineffective and overwhelming. With a sprinkler system, this work is automatically and precisely done, alleviating a great deal of stress. Irrigation systems are equipped to evenly water your lawn and don’t leave any dry patches.

Another factor to consider is how much time you spend away from your home. Irrigation systems are programmable, so you can set them to water your lawn automatically, no matter where you are. With a sprinkler system, you don’t have to risk your lawn suffering while being out of town for extended periods of time.

Irrigation Systems Are More Cost-Effective

Compared to manually watering your lawn, sprinkler systems save money because they distribute the precise amount of water that your lawn needs, eliminating the risk of over-watering. Additionally, you can adjust the water emitted depending on the season and rainfall levels. Sprinkler systems typically run early in the early morning to prevent excess heat evaporation, which also conserves water. By running during a time when you may not be available or awake, you are also saving money and time. Finally, irrigation systems are a great asset if you are looking to sell your home. Not only does it increase curb appeal, but it also creates a major selling point for your home.

They Bring Better Curb Appeal

A good irrigation system can work wonders for the aesthetics of your home. Sprinkler systems are the simplest and most worthwhile way to maintain the look of your landscape. When working with a landscaping company, you can create a customized irrigation plan specific to your yard. This ensures the premium placement of sprinklers and efficient distribution of water.

Irrigation Systems are Better for the Environment

Because sprinkler systems use less water than hand-watering your lawn, more water is conserved. Using a precise quantity of water, irrigation systems prevent water runoff and soil erosion caused by overwatering.

Hand-watering can also result in an excess of standing water. This standing water can become a breeding ground for fungi and insects. Therefore, by utilizing a sprinkler system, which distributes water evenly, you reduce the occurrence of these pesky species.

Types of Irrigation Systems for Georgia Landscaping

No matter your lawn’s size or its complexity, there is sure to be a sprinkler system that fits your needs. Here are some of the most common types of sprinkler systems for Georgia landscaping:

  • Traditional Spray System: This type of sprinkler system sprays a constant amount of water in one direction. These systems are best for smaller landscaping areas and tend to use the most water out of all sprinkler types.
  • Rotor System: Rotor spray heads are similar to the traditional spray system, but they rotate over the areas they cover. These systems use about ⅓ of the water used by a traditional sprinkler and cover a much larger area.
  • Drip System: This water-efficient type of irrigation is the most environmentally friendly on the market. This system usually consists of a series of porous hoses that gradually emit water into the roots and soil of the plant. This type of irrigation uses much less water because there is no opportunity for water to evaporate before hitting the plant, which is not the case when using traditional sprinklers.

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Implementing irrigation systems in your lawn allows you to spend more quality time outdoors. Not only that, but it also improves your home’s aesthetics and can increase the value of your house in case you opt to sell. Looking for professional service for your Georgia Landscaping? Then POPS Landscaping is the service you need. With experienced professionals that take pride in the quality of their work, you are sure to achieve the yard of your dreams. Give us a call today or contact us to learn more about pricing and availability.