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spring garden tips

Five Plants That Bloom All Summer Long

Since summer is here, and the heat is getting hotter, it is important to know what kind of plants are able to bloom all summer long. Plants need a few simple things to thrive: sunshine and water. But some plants need more than others, so today P.O.P.S. Landscaping will share five plants that bloom all summer long, and look beautiful in your yard. 

Summer Plants To Consider

Petunia Wave Petunia

Petunias absolutely love to be warm and toasty, because they will die at times when temperatures drop below 30 degrees. Petunias thrive when the heat becomes 70 or 80 degrees; above that, they thrive as well. Even though these plants do love and thrive in the heat, too much heat is still too much. If the heat begins to rise above 85 degrees, they will begin wilting and thinning out. For this reason, it is essential to keep them watered so they can look beautiful all summer and continue to flourish. 

Profusion Zinnias 

These no-fail flowers will give you absolutely beautiful colors all summer long. These flowers are a hybrid of the older zinnia staple of every cut flower garden and the narrow-leaf zinnia. They come in a variety of festive colors such as pink, red, yellow and white. These flowers bloom beautifully and are on a small plant, so you have room for plenty to be planted. So, as mentioned, these flowers are beautiful, but what’s really great about them? One benefit is that they are disease resistant. With the extremely hot and humid summers that the South brings, it is great to have plants that don’t develop mildew and other high humidity diseases. Like petunias, these plants also thrive in the heat. 


Lantana plants offer a unique, pretty vine-like sprawling appearance. For this reason, they are extremely common to grow in outdoor hanging baskets. This plant has rounded clusters of small, vibrant flowers in colors that may be yellow, orange, red, blue, pink, purple or white. It is really popular to grow these as border shrubs and as ground cover in places of your yard that would receive full sunshine. It is also a perfect time to plant them! Lantana plants will do best when planted in mid-late spring and the soil has had time to warm up. So, as long as they are planted in ideal conditions, they are relatively carefree. These might be your ideal summer-time plant, and could even attract butterflies to your home! 

Mandevilla vines

A very popular and well-known plant that gardeners are quite familiar with. This old-fashioned plant twists up and around structures to add color and personality to any outdoor space. One interesting fact about Mandevilla vines is knowing whether or not your plant grows clockwise or counter-clockwise, so look out for which direction your vine is growing so it doesn’t unravel. Mandevilla vines don’t require much care, which is great, once they are well established. These plants getting 6-8 hours at least of direct sunlight is when they thrive the most. They are also extremely fast-growing. Make sure you grab your clippers and keep it maintained, so it doesn’t take over! The best time to do any cutting is winter or early spring, this is because it hasn’t started blooming yet. Trimming too late could actually deprive you of flowers, so you should definitely try to avoid that! We want all the blooms possible, of course! 


Cosmos are a very popular plant and for good reason. They bloom perfectly in the heat! Cosmos grow quickly from planting seeds, and can even survive in poor soil conditions. These plants produce 3-5 inch beautiful and colorful Daisy-like flowers that are very attractive to bees, butterflies and birds. They can even reach up to 6 feet tall, which would be such an eye-catcher in your garden. These plants do not need to be overwatered, because like the others, they love the heat. 

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